Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quick & Easy Vegetarian Spag Bog

Pasta - whatever you have in the cupboard
Jar of pasta sauce - whatever you have in the cupboard (I used Raguletto Sicilian Mushroom)
Tin of Sanitarium Vegetarian Casserole Mince
Herbs & spices to blend with your pasta sauce (I used basil, parsley, salt & pepper)
1) Cook pasta
2) While pasta is cooking mix your pasta sauce and casserole mince
3) Add herbs & spices
4) Heat sauce mixture
5) Serve up & top with cheese to taste
6) Eat & Enjoy!

This took me 15 minutes and truly tasted like a good quality spaghetti bolognaise. The trick is to add herbs to the pasta sauce so you get the taste you enjoy.

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